The bilingual GLOSSARY, which is being continually supplemented, contains words, terms and phrases, including acronyms, names of conventions and international agreements, organizations and organizational units, related to the United Nations as well as international relations and international law in general.


Virtual Library

UN Armenia VIRTUAL LIBRARY provides an extensive and broad range of online publications and information materials developed and printed by UN agencies, programs and funds present in the country. The publications are almost all-inclusive with pdf original versions either in Armenian or in English, sometimes both. It allows searching across all the content by title, agencies, respective tags and year of publication.

The Reference Library includes the UN global reports, statistical handbooks, UN system thematic publications, etc. New local UN publications and acquisitions from UN HQ are regularly added. These UN publications are available at UNO/DPI office in Yerevan, UN House first floor, Room #120. 


UN Libraries

Since 1946, the Dag Hammarskjold Library of the United Nations Secretariat in New York has arranged for the distribution of United Nations documents and publications to users around the world through its depository library system. At present, there are more than 362 depository libraries in over 136 countries maintaining United Nations material from the date of designation as depository to the present. The general public can consult the material free of charge at any depository library.

In Armenia there are two UN Depository Libraries established and which are hosted by Yerevan State University DL-348 (Dec 1995) and National Library of Armenia DL-353 (Feb 1997).

The UN CORNERS located in the universities, libraries and other institutions of  Yerevan and provinces of Armenia are founded for enhancement of public awareness and promotion of interest towards the UN values, its global agenda and policies. The 11 UN Corners in Armenia are housed in major universities of Yerevan, and 5 others are located in Gyumri, Dilijan, Ijevan, Stepanavan and Vanadzor public areas.



Friends of UN – Armenia

FRIENDS OF UN – ARMENIA is a network founded by UN DPI office in Yerevan with an overall goal to promote the principles and values of the UN and enhance public awareness on UN activities, keeping in focus mainly the educational institutions – secondary and high schools, universities, civil society organizations, as well as media, private sector, and individuals representing these entities.


Model UN

MODEL UN is an extra-curricular activity in which students role-play delegates to the UN and simulate UN bodies, committees, commissions etc. It is an excellent exercise to learn about the United Nations, improve negotiation and presentation skills.